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Solar panel systems

We offer modern and innovative photovoltaic solutions, for residential buildings and entrepreneurs.
We put an emphasis on eco-friendly solutions, favourable both for the environment and generating
savings. The main objective of installing solar panels is to reduce costs of energy taken from electrical
networks or even completely eliminating them. Thanks to this, many of our Customers can change
their status from an energy consumer to a prosumer. They can fully meet their needs for electrical
energy on their own, and sell the surplus to a local supplier.

Professional solar panel installations in Elblag and Malbork – from DATPOL

The interest in solar panels in Poland is still high. We offer our Clients a vast choice of solar panels,
suitable for being installed in various places. Typically, the panels are installed on a roof, which needs
to be inclined at a specific angle. Should it be impossible to place photovoltaic systems on the roof,
we can also place them on the ground. This solution is addressed particularly to companies, which
might choose to opt for a complex energy architecture aimed at powering their buildings. The most
demanding users choose modular systems, which form photovoltaic parks, acting at the same time as
roof shelters.

Photovoltaic installations in Malbork – professional design and installation

Thanks to many years of experience in creating solar panel installations, we are ready to introduce
them in practically any place, taking into consideration the needs and demands of a given household
or company. We begin our work from careful checking of the conditions and the degree of insolation.
On this basis, we start to design the installation, which needs to be accepted by our Clients.
Atier the Clients accepts the project, we start to install the panels at a time convenient for you. We
use only solid steel elements, which guarantee that the entire construction will last for years. Because
of this, the installations made by us are highly efficient, and their starting efficacy will hardly decrease
over the years.

Modern photovoltaic installations for our Clients

We serve individual Clients and companies from Elblag and Malbork. We are ready to prepare
photovoltaic installations for all sorts of buildings, independent of its size and construction. The rules
of cooperation with us are transparent, and we offer aƩractive rates as well as professional assistance
at every stage of the works. Our employees will help you to obtain financing for the solar panel
installation, in addition to choosing the right components, suited to a given place.
Apart from photovoltaic installations, our offer includes also energy audits and fire protection


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