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Lightning protection systems

We carry out professional lightning protection installations, tailored to the needs of different types of properties and structures. We easily create systems to serve modern residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We offer comprehensive support including site-specific design, installation and maintenance services. We can carry out lightning protection installations on both flat and pitched roofs, guaranteeing the best durability and stability over a long period of time.

The advantage of our range of lightning protection installations is the emphasis on functionality, durability as well as aesthetics. All completed projects can be matched to the finish of the roof and building facade. In doing so, we guarantee a long service life of our installations, their unwavering efficiency and failure-free operation. Our company is based in Malbork, and we address our offer of lightning protection installations to customers from Starogard Gdański and the entire region – Elbląg, Gniew, Nowy Staw, Sztum.

Design and installation – lightning protection systems on offer

The design of a lightning protection system is a popular service in our offer, which we carry out with attention to detail and complete adaptation to the needs of the building in question. We provide our customers with full documentation of the installation carried out, guaranteeing that it fully complies with the design. We are well aware of the importance of lightning protection systems and their impact on the safety of the premises. That is why all the systems created work efficiently and safely, and their quality is best evidenced by our gallery of previous implementations, which we invite you to take a look at.

In each case, we use an earthing system tailored to the type of building, the type of foundation and the expected safety needs. We easily match the mast to the needs and construction of the roof in question, guaranteeing the full efficiency of the installation carried out. Our lightning protection systems are more efficient and more effective than classic solutions, offering full resistance to weather effects, changing temperatures and mechanical damage. Our solutions also have the advantage of easier and faster installation compared to traditional lightning conductors.

Design and installation of lightning protection systems – Starogard Gdański, Elbląg, Gniew, Nowy Staw, Sztum

Lightning protection systems are a great way of protecting a building, guaranteeing a large radius of protection and counteracting the most intense discharges. The advantage of our solutions is the shortened path followed by lightning energy, which minimises the risk of fire or voltage induction. All customers from Starogard Gdański and the surrounding area are welcome to contact us. We regularly cooperate with contractors from locations such as: Elbląg, Gniew, Nowy Staw and Sztum, providing them with the best lightning protection installation solutions. We invite you to contact us and submit enquiries now!


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