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Smoke removal systems

We have been offering security systems for years. Among them, we provide smoke extraction
systems, for a variety of buildings and objects. We serve companies that want to install well-functioning systems of smoke extraction in their workplaces, warehouses, production halls,
headquarters and in other elements of the infrastructure. We can offer smoke extraction installations
also in residential buildings, blocks of flats, commercial or office buildings. The whole system will be
created so as to fit the demands of a given object, including very demanding projects, where
international norms and insurance policy requirements maƩer.

Professional smoke extraction systems in Dzierzgon

Clients from the Dzierzgon area are especially companies from various branches, which look for a
reliable and professional provider of smoke extraction solutions. We offer them help with designing
the system, choice of all the components, installation and post-completion service. We use only state-of-the art solutions that allow us to control functioning of the whole system. In our installations, we
consider e.g. smoke extraction centres, smoke detectors, buƩons for manual control, special smoke
extraction windows and smoke dampers.

Smoke extraction systems in Elblag – expert help from DATPOL

Our Clients from Elblag are mainly industrial enterprises, construction companies and building
managers of objects meant for mass use. We offer them the possibility of smoke extraction
installation from scratch as well as modernisation of the system currently in use. We conduct a
professional audit of a given installation by analysing the situation of the object and proposing a
complete package of smoke extraction solutions.

Smoke extraction systems in Malbork – from design to installation

Smoke extraction mechanisms are an important part of fire prevention and evacuation in many
workplaces. To our Clients from Malbork and surroundings, we are able to offer smoke extracƟon
solutions in the shortest possible time. We can install the system without having to close the building,
during its normal functioning. This offer is prepared for e.g. industrial users who want to equip their
production halls and factories with effecƟve smoke extraction mechanisms, without the
inconvenience of having to pause the continuity of work.
We invite you to contact us in order to place an order or to learn more about our offer. We install
smoke extraction systems at very competitive rates and in a short time, designed specifically to the
needs of users and the characterisƟcs of their workplaces.


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