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Installation of lightning protection systems

We have specialised in lightning protection installations for many years. We carry out their professional design, as well as the installation of ready-made installations on our customers’ buildings. We offer them professional and comprehensive support, including analysis of the installation site, completion of necessary components and equipment, assembly and acceptance of the completed installation. We document each completed installation in detail, ensuring that it fully complies with the created design.

We install lightning protection systems on buildings of various profiles and functions – residential, commercial and industrial. We carry out our lightning protection installations in the entire Pomeranian region, including Pszczółki. Among our contractors are investors, developers, property owners and managers, entrepreneurs and other entities interested in making the best quality lightning protection installation on their building.

Lightning protection systems – fast and efficient installation on every property

We carry out various types of lightning protection installations, both in standard and modern variants, with minimised visibility of lightning conductors and other elements. We know how to adapt the design and parameters of the installation to the needs of residential buildings (family houses, multi-family houses, blocks of flats), office buildings, hospitals, schools, production buildings, warehouse halls, large-area shops, workplaces, transport facilities, petrol stations and many others.


Our assistance includes, among other things, making earthing condutors, installing lightning arresters, connecting conductors, measuring the resistance of lightning protection earthing and providing full documentation confirming the work parameters and the manner in which the lightning protection installation was made.

Design and installation of lightning protection systems in Pszczółki

All lightning protection installations carried out have been created using the best technology, guaranteeing complete safety in accordance with current standards. Many years of experience and access to an extensive fleet of equipment and devices have made us specialists and one of the most preferred companies in the region.

We offer all customers competitive rates, the shortest lead times and the full availability of our design and installation consultancy staff. We invite all customers from Pszczółka and other locations in Pomerania to contact us and submit enquiries. We guarantee that the lightning protection system installed will be a durable and solid protection on your building!


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