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Energy audits

Professional energy audits from DATPOL

We are a company with many years of experience in energy services. We specialise, among others, in
energy audits for various companies and branches of industry, and we guarantee complex help during
the whole procedure. Our energy audits are available for housing blocks, commercial and industrial
buildings, networks of buildings, infrastructure and industrial installations. We help to state the
current energy profile of a given place and indicate how to generate potential savings in this area. 

Energy audit – full knowledge about the energy profile of a given place

Our audit will help to find out what is the amount and structure of the energy used in a specific place.
On this basis, we advise our Clients concerning possible technical, formal as well as organisational
changes. We offer help in rationalising energy use, and our expertise will help you to plan potential
future investments for optimising the use of energy. Our judgements are professional and fully
objective, and our main goal is to assist entrepreneurs and buildings managers to enhance future
functioning of objects.

Energy audits – scope of our services

Our Clients can count on expert assistance and detailed advice. We take care of services such as:
– energy audits of housing buildings
– energy audits of commercial and industrial buildings
– energy audits of buildings in renovation
– energy audits of lighting systems
– energy audits of solar panels
– energy audits for companies
– energy audits according to programmes of local and national authorities

On the basis of our audit, we will prepare a detailed report on the energy profile of a given place. We
also offer support in designing buildings and constructions whilst taking into account energy profile.

Our offer of energy audits

We meet the needs of Polish companies and individual customers by offering them complex help in
energy optimisation and the search for new solutions. Our aim is to help them to find ways of
reducing energy use, which we accompany with detailed financial assessments of available
alternatives. These activities are always tailored to specific needs of a given building or company to
be audited by us. We invite you to consider the services we offer and to contact us. The rules
according to which we cooperate with Clients are simple as well as transparent. Our prices and
competitive, and we will conduct the audit at a time that is suitable for the Client.

Apart from energy audits, we also offer solar panel installations or evacuation lighting.



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